So there was this one time when I wrote a book about a married woman who fell in love with another woman—and then, as fate would have it, she dies before she has the chance to come clean not only to her husband, but to the woman she loves (as well as everyone else she knows). In this day and age the subject matter of this novel really isn’t all that shocking, yet the number one question I’m asked when people read it (or hear about it) has become one that I’m not only used to answering, but I’ve come to expect—is it a true story—about you?

To answer that question in full honesty my response is always no. Sorry to disappoint you, but this is not a true story about me. If it were I wouldn’t be here right now typing this blog because (SPOILER ALERT) the main character dies. However, truth-be-told, Jules Kanter is a character that was born from my own fears, insecurities and beliefs. That part is 100% true. Though she’s way cooler, more successful and much better looking than I am, her actions, reactions and, in many ways, her painstaking denial, are definitely my own. The truth in this story isn’t about a scandalous affair, it’s in the fact that love usually isn’t pretty, nor does it always come in the form we expect. Without giving too much of the story away, if you were to ask me why I wrote it here’s what I’ll say—I wrote it because I’m a person who wholeheartedly believes in the fact that love is love regardless of gender, race or religious belief. Love is fluid and, if we’re brave enough, it’s undeniable. Unfortunately, however, not all of us can embrace love when it doesn’t come in the package we imagined it being in, especially when we’ve spent a lifetime believing it was in a completely different package. This story isn’t meant to be controversial, and it isn’t meant to be a platform for political pontification. It’s just a simple little story about an ordinary woman who didn’t have the guts to embrace who she was—until it was too late. I think the lesson in that pretty much speaks for itself.

But, with that long explanation, I’m SUPER excited to announce that On Burning Mirrors is NOW AVAILABLE for download on Amazon, along with the ALL NEW print and electronic versions of The Other Side of Silence! (The print versions of On Burning Mirrors are coming soon, so please stay tuned!)

And, thank you to all those who not only read this blog and my books, but to those who encourage me to keep going on this creative journey. Your support makes ALL the difference!

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Love is love


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